Sunday, May 16, 2010

Smoky and Brenda, his new owner

After three nights & three and a half days and close to 1400 miles, Smoky hinny arrived at his new home in Holden, MA. He is pictured here with his wonderful new owner, Brenda. Congratulations to both Brenda & Smoky for finding each other!

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Gaited Trail Mule for Sale Video 6

Hammer, the mule, & Smoky, the hinny, have both been sold. Hammer is going to Rick, a very nice man in KS, who has an old mule & a 26 yr. old TWH---so he knows how to take care of his animals. Rick said that he plans to keep Hammer until he dies or Hammer dies, whichever comes first. He took Hammer on a test drive in the National Forest, & he & Hammer are a super match for each other. Rick is a good rider with soft hands, & he had no problems getting Hammer to foxtrot & also runningwalk. They will make a great team.

Smoky is also blessed to have found a super home with Brenda in Holden, MA. Brenda has two cute little girls who will love Smoky; & Smoky will be right at home with Brenda's three donkeys! Brenda said she stalls all her equines at night & then turns them out to pasture during the day. Smoky will LOVE life at Brenda's getting to spend each night in a nice, warm stall. Brenda has also said she'll treasure Smoky until the day he dies, & I truly believe she will. I think Smoky is a super match for Brenda & her family.

Gaited Trail Mule for Sale Video 4